August 16, 2018

Whipped Body Butter D.I.Y.




Nothing soothes dry, rough skin as well as body butter! If you haven't used body butter before, you are in for an amazing treat! It melts quickly on the skin and feels silky and luxurious. Because its so easy to make, it quickly became one of my favorites and I'm sure it will become yours too!


I always recommend starting with the best possible ingredients to nourish and protect your skin. You can add as many or as little ingredients as you desire. I usually stick with just 3. Organic coconut oil, organic shea butter and sweet almond oil. It's that easy!




One of my favorite sources for supplies is Mountain Rose Herbs. They conduct purity testing, have zero waste practices, are active in environmental conservation and have a large selection of organic herbs, waxes, oils and butters. Shipping does take several days, so make sure you aren't in a hurry when ordering!


There are many options when it comes to the oils and butters you can use. This is my tried and true recipe and my personal favorite, but if you have allergies or sensitivities to any of these ingredients, they can be substituted for another option. Some alternatives include grapeseed oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, olive oil, kokum butter. Just make sure you substitute a liquid oil for liquid oil and solid butter for solid butter. This will keep the texture consistent.





Ok, let's get started!


You will need:

1/3 cup coconut oil

1/3 cup shea butter

2 TBSP sweet almond oil


In a double boiler, slowly melt all of the oils together until they are completely liquid. The mixture should be clear with no visible chunks. These oils have a low melting point and they should melt fairly quickly. As soon as the mixture has completely melted, take it off the heat. Pour the mixture into a large enough bowl that you can use a mixer in. Place the bowl in the refrigerator or freezer until mixture turns solid again. This may take up to an hour to accomplish. You want it solid, but still somewhat workable. It will turn white and start to harden when it cools. In the picture, the edges are ready but as you can see the center is not solid yet. This is too soft to mix yet, so place it back in the refrigerator until it looks solid white.




It should look like this when it's ready.




Once it has solidified it's ready to whip!! Using a standard mixer, start to slowly whip. It may be difficult at first because the mixture is cold and hard, just work slowly and you will see that it will turn bright white and whip into foamy peaks almost like meringue. You might be tempted to taste it because it looks so delicious!! Once it has been whipped into nice foamy peaks, you can add essential oil if you would like it scented. This mixture alone smells divine, but I totally understand if you want to slather your body in lavender or eucalyptus smelling goodness!




Now it's ready to jar it and share with family and friends! This recipe makes approximately 1 cup of whipped butter. Feel free to double and triple the recipe as needed. Body butter is made with just oils and butters, so it can feel greasy compared to lotion but don't worry I have a trick! If you feel like it's a little too greasy for you here is a secret, add 1 TBSP of arrowroot powder to the melted oil mixture before chilling. Stir it in to eliminate any chunks then place in the refrigerator. The arrowroot powder will absorb some of the oils and create a less greasy feel when applying. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way with body butter, start with a dime sized amount on the palm of your hand and massage into your skin. Apply more if needed. Because this recipe has just oils and butters it will keep for a long time.












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